Aiello, Dan

Dan Aiello, is the Sacramento reporter for the California Progress Report.

Studies Find California "Fracking" Wells May Kill Livestock, Family Pets

By Dan Aiello

As the deadline for public comment on California Governor Jerry Brown, Jr.'s proposed new regulations on fracking are set to close in just seven days, reports are surfacing of the potential impact on the state's agriculture, farm animals and family pets from this controversial method of oil extraction.

Hydraulic fracturing, commonly known as "fracking," is an oil extraction process used on shale, depleted wells and tar-like "heavy" oil deposits. The production process involves the injection of steam, water, sand and rocket propellant into the ground to bubble to the surface the oil reserves. It has been known to make fertile California farmland barren and contaminate groundwater tables.

California DOGGR Rule Making Process Deadline Approaches

By Dan Aiello

Environmentalists in California worry the public is not fully aware of the potential harm Governor Edmund G. 'Jerry' Brown, Jr.'s proposed hydraulic fracturing, or 'fracking' oil extraction regulations could do to the state's regional water tables and fertile California farmland in the Central Valley counties of Kings, Kern, Maricopa as well as those in which the Monterey Shale Deposits are located some 11,000 feet below the surface.

Brown Calls California's Prison Crisis Over: "Ridiculous," Say Reform Advocates

By Dan Aiello

Citing California Governor Edmund G. "Jerry" Brown, Jr.'s veto last session of a bill that would have allowed reporters access to prisoners protesting conditions within the state's 33 prisons, reform advocates called on judges, legislators and news media to ignore Brown's claim that the state's prison crisis "is over."

The Brown administration began the past week in court with a motion before the 9th Circuit Federal to vacate the population cap imposed on the state's overcrowded prisons, citing the state's realignment plan as evidence the cap is both dangerous and no longer needed.

Sacramento City Manager May Be Considering Appointment of Gay Police Chief

By Dan Aiello

In an article scheduled to appear in the Bay Area Reporter on Wednesday, sources in Sacramento's gay community as well as an additional source connected to the Capital City's selection committee tell the paper it is possible that Sacramento's next police chief could be openly gay.

While none of the sources were named, their connections to the selection process and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community are known and appear to be credible.

The 42-year old Bay Area Reporter is a well-respected print and online publication serving the San Francisco Bay Area with a print circulation of approximately 30,000. The paper is published every Wednesday evening.

Ammiano's "Homeless Bill of Rights": Part Civil Rights, Part Prison Reform

By Dan Aiello

State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-San Francisco) is following through on his promise to reform California's prisons with the introduction of a homeless rights bill intended to decriminalize homelessness in the Golden State, protecting "some of society's most vulnerable members."

Make no mistake, Assembly Bill 5 is as much prison reform, as it is civil rights, legislation.

Among other things, the proposed law would require legal representation for anyone cited under local loitering, camping or panhandling ordinances.

California's New Fracking Regulations "First Step" to Proliferation of Permits

By Dan Aiello

Today Reuters reported that the draft regulations announced by the Brown administration set forth ostensibly to improve monitoring of the oil industry's hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking," method of oil extraction from the state's depleted oil fields, are actually intended to increase the ability of the oil industry to use fracking in oil fields throughout California.

Brown Announces New Oil Industry Regulations Ahead of "Promised Land" Release

By Dan Aiello

The Brown administration Tuesday proposed new draft regulations that would require the oil industry to disclose where in California its oil extraction operations are using hydraulic fracturing, commonly referred to as "fracking," in advance of a new movie starring Matt Damon meant to bring public awareness to the environmental destruction caused by the practice.

Ammiano Seeks New Moral Compass for California's "Failed" Prisons

By Dan Aiello

In the wake of California's election last month where voters passed two propositions aimed at reducing the number of inmates in California's overcrowded prison system, the State Assembly's Safety Committee Chair says he will introduce major prison reform this session targeting a correctional system failure rate that persists as the highest recidivism rate in the nation.

"With voters approving both propositions 30 and 36, I believe we are in a position to achieve significant prison reform to reduce our failure rate and begin decreasing our prison population," San Francisco Democrat Assembly member Tom Ammiano told the California Progress Report recently.

"Complicit" San Francisco Voters Reject Plan to Restore Yosemite's Hetch Hetchy

By Dan Aiello

In San Francisco a local initiative put forth by environmentalists to return the Hetch Hetchy Valley to Yosemite Park for restoration by expanding the lower Don Pedro Dam was soundly defeated by voters, calling into question a long-held political belief that the city's electorate is 'Green' or progressive.

With all precincts reporting, San Francisco voters rejected the Measure to restore the valley John Muir called "one of the most precious mountain temples that ought to be faithfully guarded." It is said that it was Muir's loss to preserve the valley that contributed to his early death.

Prop 30 Would Affirm "California Promise" to Education, Social Mobility

By Dan Aiello

Advocates of universal access to higher education fear California voters, faced with two competing education tax initiatives will fail both, effectively abandoning the state's historic commitment to provide access to higher education for all.

Proposition 30 will provide funding to California's K-12 schools, but additionally will fund the state's university, state college and community college systems to offset state budget cuts that have already endangered access to the educational opportunities once guaranteed all qualified students by the state under its Master Plan on Education.

Prop 30 will raise revenue through a temporary quarter cent sales tax increase and a temporary income tax increase on wealthier state residents.