Proctor, Dale

A Father's Request: Stop Stores From Selling Expired Baby Food: Sign AB 688

By Dale Proctor

Why are major drug stores and grocery stores fighting for the right to sell expired baby food and infant formula to the public? Why are they trying to shirk any responsibility for monitoring their shelves for products that are well past their expiration dates? As a parent whose seven month old son Kai became very sick after consuming outdated baby food, I cannot begin to explain their actions.

Maybe the answer is: because they can. Although infant formula and baby food have expiration dates there is no state or federal law requiring stores to take these products off their shelves. No fine, no penalty, nothing. Even if the product is months or years past the expiration date. Assembly Bill 688 (Pan), which is sitting on Governor Brown’s desk, would make it unlawful for stores to sell these children’s products past the labeled expirations dates. Both the California Retailers Association and the California Grocers Association have asked for a veto.