Lutness, Carole

Carole Lutness is a Valencia resident, Democratic activist and chairwoman of Democratic Neighbors of the 38th Assembly District. Her column reflects her own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. "Democratic Voices" appears Tuesdays in The Signal and rotates among local Democratic writers.

Will Speaker John Perez Keep His Promise to Grassroots Democrats About Passing the California DISCLOSE Act?

By Carole Lutness

Last month there was great news for AB 1648, the California DISCLOSE Act. Speaker John Perez, who is a co-author of AB 1648, stood up in front of a couple of hundred activists at a Los Angeles County Democratic Party meeting and said, to a roaring round of cheers, that “we are going to get the DISCLOSE Act passed!”

This was fabulous news, because the California DISCLOSE Act is crucial to fighting back against Citizens United and unlimited anonymous spending in SuperPACS by making political ads in California clearly show their three largest funders.  Without it voters will be crushed by the Chevron’s and Koch Brothers of the world.

Speaker Perez really has to make it happen because unfortunately, with huge opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce and its big-money corporate allies who would rather keep voters in the dark, it doesn’t look like there’s any Republican Assemblymembers that will vote for it, denying it the 2/3 vote it needs as it currently stands.

In a Democracy The Majority Rules

By Carole Lutness

A cornerstone of our democracy is when you elect a legislature, the majority rules.

That means when one party gets 50 percent plus one of the vote, they are the majority.

If they agree on a legislative program, they pass it.

If the majority of the people disagree, then they will vote the majority party out and put the other party in power.

We all agree with this. It speaks to our sense of fairness.

We may not like what the majority party does but we need to behave as the "loyal opposition," do what we can do to shape public opinion and persuade the majority party to buy into our position.

This seems obvious but unfortunately it isn't happening in Sacramento.

A majority of the people has overwhelmingly voted in a Democratic majority and yet the minority party, the Republicans, who represent just 36.6 percent of the legislators, are controlling our destiny.