Davis, Debbie

Debbie Davis is Policy Director of the Environmental Justice Coalition for Water.

Safe, Affordable Water: A Right or a Privilege? What Will Your Children be Drinking Tonight?

By Debbie Davis
Environmental Justice Coalition for Water

At first glance, you’d think the Human Right to Water bill package—now on Gov. Brown’s desk—makes all the self-evident sense in the world.

This package will help communities across California in their fight to have clean, affordable, and accessible water—for drinking, cooking, and sanitary purposes.

Sounds great, but didn’t we take care of that clean drinking water thing a long time ago?

Well, it depends on where you live.  For the 2 million Californians statewide, primarily in rural communities, who depend on groundwater wells for their drinking water, this package will begin to reverse decades of discrimination and neglect by making provision of safe, affordable water a statewide priority.

It’s time to give all Californians a fair deal when it comes to water, our most basic of needs, and ensure that everyone has access, no matter their color or income level.