Laackman, Katie

Katie Laackman is a Senior at River City High School.

Don't Erase People With Disabilities From Our History Books

By Katie Laackmann
River City High School

For me and other youth with disabilities, the “back to school” season has special significance this year.  Over the summer, our state legislature passed a bill that will finally require California public schools to include the history of the disability rights movement in social studies and history lessons and on July 14, Governor Brown signed it into law.  

In 2010, youth with disabilities led the effort to establish the second week in October as Disability History Week and on the heels of that victory, SB 48 (Leno), the Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful (FAIR) Education Act will now ensure that our peers in K-12 schools learn about the contributions people with disabilities have made in our country.