Bradley, William

William Bradley is a California-based political analyst and writer for

Don’t Mess With … Nuance: Rick Perry, No Stranger to California Republicans

By William Bradley

Texas Governor Rick Perry is the flavor of the month in the Republican presidential nomination. Depending on which political gurus you want to listen to, Perry’s candidacy will be just that, a flavor of the month imploding once his blustery persona and extreme views are subjected to closer inspection; or, alternatively, the unassailable front-runner, uniquely palatable to both social and economic conservatives within the GOP.

However his presidential candidacy turns out, he has already had a big impact on the brave new world of the Republican Party, in California as well as across the country.

The new era in California politics first came into sharp focus in September 2007. That’s when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, having won re-election by a 17-point landslide margin 10 months earlier, decided to level with his fellow Republicans at their state party convention outside Palm Springs.