Ryan Murray, Liz

Liz Ryan Murray is the Policy Director for National People’s Action.

How to Create One Million Jobs Per Year and Fix the Housing Crisis

By Liz Ryan Murray 

Look at the polls. Better yet, talk to a friend, neighbor, or family member and it’s crystal clear that Americans are worried about jobs, foreclosures and the ever-widening wealth and income gap. Instead of solutions, what we’re getting from D.C. are cuts to the earned benefits of seniors, firing our kids’ teachers and taking food off the tables of the hungry. That’s not a solution; it’s a recipe for disaster.

There are real solutions and one of them creates over 1 million new jobs, keeps families in their homes and begins to stabilize the housing market and economy as a whole. Best of all, this solution doesn’t ask those struggling the most to pay again. This solution tells those who caused the mess in the first place to begin to pay for the cleanup.