Gold, Sam

Sam Gold is a former injured worker and operator of the Injured Workers Television Network, an internet based video network.

Don’t Let Big Insurance Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes!

By Sam Gold
Injured Workers Television Network

The insurance industry and specifically large self-insured companies are ramping up support in Sacramento for another, as they call it, Workers Compensation Reform – a very bad choice of words as the definition of the word reform means “the improvement or amendment of what is wrong, corrupt or unsatisfactory!” And corrupt and unsatisfactory it most certainly is, but not caused by employees, but the employers and their insurers. They have the vast financial resources to lobby our legislators who will gladly take their political contributions to make changes in existing law.

Meaningful Legislation That Saw The Round File

By Sam Gold
National Organization of Injured Workers

Governor Brown has spoken and has vetoed some important bills that relate to Workers Compensation. Let’s see what he simply wouldn’t sign into law.

AB584 would force doctors who make Utilization review determinations to be licensed in California. Proponents of the bill believe that out-of-state utilization review physicians are making inappropriate decisions at least in part because there is no regulatory structure to hold them accountable to anyone.  The bill is intended to ensure that there is a regulatory oversight body – the California Medical Board – that can discipline a utilization review physician in the event the physician violates practice standards which in many cases deals with making false and misleading statements to deny an injured worker the benefits due him under state law.

Will The Candidates Please Line Up!

Sam Gold
National Organization of Injured Workers

It’s official, Governor Jerry Brown was sworn in on Monday , January 3rd, 2011 for a 3rd term and became the 39th Governor of the State of California. Only one other governor, Earl Warren, has previously been elected to three gubernatorial terms in California.

Now that the governor is putting together a transition team to fill the administrator slots of the various state agencies, one comes to mind that may be a very sensitive issue, that of Administrative Director of the Division of Workers Compensation in the Department of Industrial Relations, a position now held by Acting Administrative Director Carrie Nevins who hasn't been very sympathetic to the needs of California's occupationally injured.

California Workers’ Compensation - The Scam of the Century

By Sam Gold
National Organization of Injured Workers

The California Workers' Compensation system frequently defies common sense as to how it’s supposed to work effectively and truly help the occupationally injured.

It gives occupationally injured workers absolutely no incentive to go back to work nor does it supply a reasonable training mechanism to guide them back into productive employment with the loss of the vocational rehabilitation benefit.

Part of the problem goes back to its inception. Workers' Compensation began in Germany in the 1880s. Chancellor Bismarck was looking for a way to quell the anger over the large number of worker deaths after he outlawed the unions. In other words, it was a bone thrown to the people, and still is. It entitled workers/families to some compensation in exchange for which the employer could not be sued.

What Really Happened In 2004?

By Sam Gold
National Organization of Injured Workers

First of all let's get something straight; there was no reform of Workers' Compensation, period! Call it whatever you want, but don't you dare call it a reform!

The word "reform" is defined in many ways; Here are some examples:

1. To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects; put into a better form or condition.
2. To abolish abuse or malpractice in: reform the government.
3. To put an end to (a wrong).
4. A change for the better; an improvement.

Can you honestly say that what occurred in the legislature in 2004 with Senate Bill 899 meets any of these definitions?

Injured Workers Television Finally Arrives

By Sam Gold
An Injured California Worker

There's a Food Network; Several Shopping channels; C-Span for political junkies; An LGBT channel for those with alternate lifestyles; Fashion TV and now there’s the Injured Workers Television Network (IWTN)! That’s right, a television network that will tell the truth about Workers’ Compensation in America.

Why do we need IWTN? Simply put, what you hear and see about Worker’s Comp in the media usually comes from the insurers, District Attorneys, and the Chambers of Commerce, you know the folks who consistently use the words job killer when they really mean profit killer, and they all have profit motives here at stake!

It’s The Provider Fraud, Stupid!

Sam-Gold-2007.jpg By Sam Gold
A California Injured Worker

Employee Workers' Comp fraud is really sexy. The drama of catching a worker on video water skiing when they claim to need a cane to walk.; Using night vision photography to catch a worker moving tools in and out of his truck in the dark of night.

Every so often the 10 o'clock news will show a worker being led to jail in handcuffs. It’s great eye candy and the folks tuning in just eat it up and think that this is what is really causing the problems in the system!

But is Employee Fraud really the biggest Workers’ Compensation Fraud Problem in California Workers’ Comp? Absolutely not! By the industry’s own admission it’s less than 1%!