Isidro, Cecille

AB 350: Stability for Low-Wage Workers During Uncertain Economic Times

By Cecille Isidro

This month the California legislature has an opportunity to help create stability for low wage workers and their families during these uncertain economic times. This month, the Senate Appropriations Committee will vote on AB 350, proposed legislation that protects good jobs by protecting workers from arbitrary job loss.

Since 2001, the Displaced Janitor Opportunity Act has protected California janitors by requiring that janitorial contractors, when they pick up an existing contract, retain the janitors for up to 60 days.

AB 350 would broaden the existing Displaced Janitors Opportunity Act to include licensed security officers, food service workers and others who work alongside the janitors every day. These service workers, who also work for contractors, often earn poverty wages, and are just as likely as the janitors to find themselves on the street without warning because their employer lost out to the lowest bidder.