Mangia, Jim

Jim Mangia is president & CEO of St. John’s Well Child and Family Centers, a network of federally qualified health centers in South Los Angeles which serve more than 140,000 patient visits each year.

Will President Obama Defend Healthcare Reform?

By Jim Mangia and Dave Regan

Estela Chavez is like many mothers in California. Her two kids want new bikes and the latest Xbox video game. But what they need is healthcare.

She works more than 60 hours a week at two different jobs, but even so there is barely enough money for bare necessities. For healthcare for her two children she depends on a statewide program that covers preventive care for children.

“My son has autism and without healthcare assistance he has no access to a doctor,” Estela said recently. “I could never afford the medication and behavioral health care he needs to function without this program.”

While President Obama and Congress are jockeying over the federal budget in Washington, D.C. people like Estela and her family hang in the balance.