By the Numbers: Business, E-Verify and the California Economy

By Professor Manuel Pastor

If someone tried to force you to pay $312 million for a faulty product, you'd probably be upset.

That is exactly why the business community has joined with labor and civil rights organizations in asking California Governor Jerry Brown to sign a piece of legislation called the "Employment Acceleration Act of 2011" and better known by its bill number, AB 1236.

AB 1236 protects California's businesses and workers from the ill-conceived efforts of some local jurisdictions to force a costly, job-killing federal program called "E-Verify" on private employers; in many locations, the bill would overturn E-Verify mandates that cities have enacted.

Flawed E-Verify Law Would Derail Immigration Reform Efforts, Say Experts

By Caitlin Fuller
New America Media

Last month, Congressman Lamar Smith (R-TX) introduced the Legal Workforce Act, which would require employers to verify their employees’ legal immigration status using the online program E-Verify. While proponents of the program believe the resulting loss of jobs will compel undocumented workers to return to their home countries, not all policy experts agree.

“The law would just drive eight million unauthorized workers even deeper into the shadows,” said Angela Kelly, an analyst at the Center for American Progress (CAP).