Sharry, Frank

Frank Sharry is the founder and executive director of America's Voice.

Gov. Jerry Brown Should Sign the TRUST Act and Be "Anti-Arizona" on Immigration

By Frank Sharry
America's Voice Education Fund

Years ago, California tried to take the punitive and xenophobic approach to immigration with Prop 187 -- a 1994 ballot initiative whose stated goal was to keep undocumented immigrants from receiving public benefits, but would have essentially turned California into a police state for immigrants. Fortunately, Proposition 187 was invalidated by the courts.  But instead of learning from California, states like Arizona, Alabama, and a handful of others are repeating the same mistakes and passing similar laws designed to turn anyone who looks or sounds “like an immigrant” into a suspect and make them feel unwelcome in their own homes.

But last week, the California State Senate showed just how far the state has come—by passing Assemblyman Tom Ammiano’s (D-San Francisco) TRUST Act, the antithesis of Arizona’s anti-immigrant SB 1070 law.