Grader, Zeke

Delta Whopper: How Big Water Spins the Science on Water Policy

By Zeke Grader

Fishermen are my constituents - I work with them every day. And when you hang around fishermen, you hear a lot of fish stories. Sometimes, of course, you hear some real whoppers, yarns that stretch the credulity of even the most trusting soul. But nothing I've heard on the docks can match the whoppers that originate from Sacramento.

Perhaps the most egregious falsehood comes courtesy of Big Water - the state's largest water districts and agencies, including Kern County, the Westlands Water District and the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California.

New Short Film Features Fishermen and Farmers Supporting a Healthy Delta

By Tom Zuckerman and Zeke Grader

California‚Äôs Bay-Delta is important for many reasons.  It is the largest and most important estuary on the West Coast of the Americas.  It is a major source of water supply for millions of Californians. But it is particularly important to the people who depend on this ecosystem for their living. The Delta holds hundreds of thousands of acres of productive farmland and communities with nearly a half million residents.