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Latest CA Redistricting Maps Satisfy Most Minorities—But Not Latinos

By Nadra Kareem Nittle

Now that the California Citizens Redistricting Commission has approved new political boundaries for the state, civil rights groups are weighing what impact the maps will have on communities of color.

On Friday, the commission voted 13-1 to approve final maps for the state Assembly, Senate and Board of Equalization and 12-2 for the congressional maps. How well the redrawn electoral districts serve communities of color depends on the ethnic group in question.

While groups that represent Asian-Americans and blacks are mostly satisfied with the maps, representatives for Latino organizations are dismayed that the redrawn districts don’t give Hispanics more political power, considering the Latino population boom over the past decade.

California Minority Groups Offer "Unity" Redistricting Map

By Nadra Kareem Nittle
New America Media

Alarmed at the way the new California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CCRC) has done its work so far and worried that the resulting electoral maps could have dire consequences for communities of color over the next 10 years, civil rights groups have taken matters into their own hands.

Three organizations—the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), the Coalition of Asian Pacific Americans for Fair Redistricting (CAPAFR) and the African-American Redistricting Collaborative (AARC)—have teamed up to draft their own “unity” redistricting maps, unveiled last week. (Click here to view.)