Hedlund, Mark

Mark Hedlund serves as the Deputy Communications Director for Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg.

The True Family Costs of California’s Newly Lowered Taxes

By Mark Hedlund
Office of Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg

While some today are celebrating the end of a two-year nominal increase in California’s sales taxes and the Vehicle License Fee, millions of families will find that to be a hollow celebration. The severe impacts of the deep budget cuts necessary from this loss of revenue will not only affect our quality of life; for many families the tax savings will be lost, perhaps even exceeded, by new, extra out-of-pocket expenses.

For the elderly, the working poor and the disabled already struggling to make ends meet, five billion dollars of cuts in health and human services mean lost income and higher expenses on all fronts. For families who want to enjoy our parks for an enjoyable yet inexpensive vacation, they’ll find the gates shuttered at 70 of those parks. The leadership of our colleges and universities will have to hike student fees and make severe cuts in class offerings. And if the trigger cuts have to take effect later in the year, parents and their school children will feel the pinch in many ways.