Gardiner, Charles

Charles Gardiner is the Executive Director of the Delta Vision Foundation.

2012 Delta Vision Foundation Report Card Assigns Tough Grades

By Sunne Wright McPeak, President of the Delta Vision Foundation and Charles Gardiner, Executive Director

State decision makers are making inroads on planning, but they are lagging on implementation of solutions to fix the beleaguered Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. The 2012 Delta Vision Report Card, released yesterday by the Delta Vision Foundation, emphasizes that although the various sectors of state government are working hard and with good intentions, progress is slow in coming.

Delta Vision 2011 Report Card Assigns Stern Grades to State and Feds

By Charles Gardiner
Delta Vision Foundation

The Delta Vision Foundation (established by the former members of the Governor’s Delta Vision Blue Ribbon Task Force) released the 2011 Delta Vision Report Card on Thursday, June 16. The Report Card issued grades on state and federal agency progress and effectiveness in implementing the 2008 Delta Vision Strategic Plan to achieve the Two Co-Equal Goals of (1) restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Ecosystem and (2) ensuring a reliable water supply for California.

The 2011 Delta Vision Report Card found that none of the State agencies or activities rates an "A", with grades ranging from B+ to D+.

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