Wallner, Amanda

Amanda Wallner is the California field organizer for Sierra Club’s Clean Cars campaign.

New Federal Fuel Efficiency Standards Cut Smog, Save Billions

By Stephanie Droste-Packham, Environment California and Amanda Wallner, Sierra Club California

It’s not news that California has some of the worst air quality ratings in the country. Despite decades of work to clean up the state’s air, health-threatening smog is nearly omnipresent.

One of the key causes for this pollution is the cars and trucks Californians drive. Mobile sources, which include our everyday vehicles, are responsible for about two-thirds of the state’s air pollution—even more in certain areas. The same sources also contribute to more than a third of the state’s greenhouse gas pollution.

State and Federal Action Can Help Ease Californians’ Pain at the Pump

By Amanda Wallner
Sierra Club California

We should not let dips in gas prices fool us into thinking cheap gas is on the way; gasoline prices have gone up more than 25% since January 1.[1] With much attention given to the summer driving months ahead, two recently released reports analyze the cost to California consumers of rising oil prices and how state and national governments can help protect us from the grip of Big Oil.

The 2011 edition of the Natural Resources Defense Council’s “Fighting Oil Addiction: Ranking States’ Gasoline Price Vulnerability and Solutions for Change,” analyzes the vulnerability of Americans in different states to changing oil prices, as well as state and federal policies to help drivers[2]. Through April of this year, the average California driver is spending 7.19% of their income on gasoline – up 2.54% from last year.