Tran, Annie

Local Optometrists Support Legislation to Protect Vision Care Access for All Californians

By Dr. Annie Tran

For decades, millions of Californians have had their eyes taken care of at “co-location” offices –offices which allow patients to receive an eye exam and fill their prescription during the same visit. Basically, it’s a one-stop location where patients can have their eye exam, glasses, and contacts all in the same day.

Currently, there is legislation that will preserve the co-location model. AB 778 (Atkins) is a bill which will clarify some ambiguities in the existing law to codify the co-location model so that doctors can continue to work the way they have for the past 25 years. 

As a doctor myself who practices at an co-location office, I wanted to write to show my support for AB 778, but especially to help dispel some of the myths out there about the differences between private practice – the other major eye exam model - and the co-location model. I have worked in both private practice and the co-location model, and I find that they both offer the same quality of care.