Clark, Allan

The Truth Behind the "Foundation" for Fiscal Responsibility's Study & Mike Genest's Study on Pensions

By Allan Clark
California School Employees Association

Al and Wilma Diggle live in a mobile home on a small swath of desert in the town of Inyokern, Calif. They drive an 11-year-old station wagon, and the total $1,500-a-month pension for each working more than a decade at public schools barely covers their health bills.

Theirs is the typical story of many teachers and school employees, janitors, cops, firefighters and nurses who carry on the daily work of educating, protecting and serving the public. And theirs is the story that the right-wing and corporate interests who are attacking public pensions in California don’t want you to hear.

This week, the so-called California "Foundation" for Fiscal Responsibility, a group bankrolled by a mysterious out-of-state billionaire, trotted out its latest ammunition in its attack: a flawed report on California pensions.