Colvin, Greg

Greg Colvin is an attorney in San Francisco specializing in tax-exempt law, including political and lobbying activities of nonprofit organizations, who has written and lectured on the subject for over 20 years. The Citizens Election Amendment was developed in concert with Barry Kendall, executive director of Progressive Ideas Network, a project of Demos, and Lisa Graves, executive director of Center for Media and Democracy.

Let’s Compare the Constitutional Amendments Proposed after Citizens United

By Greg Colvin
Campaign For America's Future

Among those who feel the only way to overcome the Citizens United decision, which opened the door to unlimited corporate spending on elections, is to amend the U.S. Constitution, the question on everyone’s mind is: “So what’s the language?”

I offered a version of my own, the Citizens Election Amendment, posted three months ago at this site. It got a pretty good response (over 400 people “liked” it on Facebook) and last week I was in Washington, DC, talking to several members of Congress about it.

The main approach I take is to build upon the individual citizen’s constitutional RIGHT TO VOTE (a right that Americans have shed blood and died for), protecting and expanding it to give citizen human beings the right to be the sole source of funding for election campaigns.