Long, Russell

California Legislators: Whose Side Are They On?

By Russell Long
Friends of the Earth

Today, a handful of California legislators will determine the fate of the health of children in California and also the health of people and all living things all over the world.

The California Senate Business, Professions, and Economic Development Committee will decide today whether or not to support SB 147, the Consumer Choice Fire Protection Act, which protects us from dangerous flame retardant chemicals.

Flame retardant chemicals are a lot like radioactivity – they are persistent and take a long time to break down. They travel on wind and water, and have been found in the bodies of human beings and animals all around the globe. These dangerous halogenated chemicals are linked to lowered IQ’s in children and other neuro-impairment, infertility, and cancer – all health problems on the rise here in California and around the world.