Ney, Josh

Taking On The Republican Budget At A Town Hall Near You

By Josh Ney
Campaign For America's Future

With Congress in recess, members of Congress are holding town hall meetings all across the country. That makes now a good opportunity to tell your congressman or senator what is on your mind about jobs, the economy, health care, taxes—and most importantly, the recently-passed House Republican budget, authored by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin. It's a plan that Republicans say will reduce the national debt but, in reality, blows it sky high.

The House Republican budget changes the way Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries receive much-needed medical assistance. Under the Republican/Ryan plan, Medicare beneficiaries would be given vouchers and forced to find health care on their own, making them subject to private health insurance companies and elevated coverage costs. Medicaid would be transformed into a block grant program that would intentionally force states to skimp on care for low-income people.