Marans, Daniel

Perry's Iowa Remarks Reveal Republican Strategy on Social Security

By Daniel Marans
Campaign for America's Future

The media have portrayed Governor Rick Perry’s description of Social Security as a “Ponzi scheme” at a recent Iowa campaign event as the latest extreme statement of an unconventionally candid, conservative presidential candidate. But Perry’s full remarks reveal just as much about the Republican Party’s strategy for cutting Social Security as they do about Perry himself.

Attention Democrats: Don't Be Fooled, Bowles-Simpson Plan = Ryan Budget-Lite

By Daniel Marans

Liberals don't like the prospect of the Bowles-Simpson plan becoming the starting point of deficit reduction talks, because it is too centrist to offer Democrats a strong bargaining hand. But if you look more closely, it's far worse than that. Bowles-Simpson is Ryan-lite.

Their plans fit together like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Where one skirts the specifics, the other fills in. Bowles-Simpson would cap health care costs but proposes few specific ways of doing it. Ryan fills in the specifics with his plan to voucherize Medicare and block-grant Medicaid.