Malhi, Harpreet

California’s Toxic Sofas – Give Us a Choice for Health

By Harpreet Malhi, DO
Physicians for Social Responsibility - Los Angeles (PSR-LA)

I see thousands of patients every year with chronic and acute illnesses — some are easily treatable, others present more of a challenge, and for some there is regrettably nothing that I can do. Many illnesses are triggered as a result of multiple factors. For these patients, I cannot help but think of the many ways in which their illnesses may have been prevented. What if they had better access to health information and healthcare services? What if we more highly valued prevention?

Right now members of the California legislature have the opportunity to take a step towards better health for Californians, and make a decision that values science-based prevention. This opportunity has nothing to do with the cost of health insurance, doctor visits, or taxes; this has to do with making our living and working environments safer by giving every Californian the chance to have furniture and baby products free of toxic and untested flame retardant chemicals. This opportunity is presented in SB 147 (Leno), The Consumer Choice Fire Safety Act.