O'Connor, Caroline

Tens of Thousands March in Los Angeles to Demand Good Jobs and Stand with Wisconsin Workers

By Caroline O'Connor
LA County Federation of Labor

The people of Wisconsin ignited a fire inside working people and students across the U.S. and that fire has spread to Los Angeles.  On Saturday, March 26, more than 20,000 people took to the streets of downtown L.A. to demand good jobs and stand with workers in Wisconsin and other states who are fighting to protect collective bargaining. This was the largest action led by L.A. labor in recent history.

Carrying signs and banners to “Stop the War on Workers” and “Stand with Wisconsin Workers,” tens of thousands of construction workers, hotel workers, fire fighters, city, county, and state workers, truck drivers, grocery workers, telecommunications workers, nurses, homecare workers, farm workers, actors, musicians, camera operators, teachers, parents, students, faith leaders, immigrants, community members, and more filled the streets for more than a half mile.