Passmore, Gary

Coordinated Care Key To Saving Health Care For Seniors

By Gary Passmore
Congress of California Seniors

Rising health care costs and the downturn in the economy have meant disaster for California's seniors, resulting in huge budget cuts to health care programs that serve our vulnerable population.

As reported in the Mercury News last week, Gov. Jerry Brown has attempted to stop the bleeding by proposing to restructure state health care programs for the poor. His plan represents an opportunity for California to deliver more care for the dollar through better coordinated, more effective care.

However, we believe his plan must be improved upon by investing in the tools seniors need to proactively manage our health and maintaining our choices when it comes to directing our care.

Save Lives and Dollars

By Gary Passmore
Congress of California of Seniors  

Nearly everyone in California has been affected by the nation’s deep recession and the state’s budget crisis, but our seniors even more so.  For those fortunate enough to have socked away money for retirement, many lost nearly everything as a result of a market crash created on Wall Street, life savings that will never come back.  Services that keep the poorest seniors out of poverty have been severely eroded as the state grapples with its budget mess.  

Those who lived through the Great Depression remember what it was like before a safety net was created to keep seniors out of food lines and to provide the most basic medical care.  We know how important it is for California to get back on track and protect the safety net for very poor seniors, and we know doing so will require more sacrifice.