Race and Sex-Based Abortion Ban Hijacks Civil Rights

By Jessica González-Rojas and Miriam Yeung
New America Media

As members of immigrant families, as women of color, and as mothers ourselves, we were appalled when the United States House of Representatives introduced HR 3541 late last year. This legislation, which could come to a floor vote soon, cloaks itself in the language and names of civil rights heroes, but is in fact a duplicitous attack on the health, dignity, and human rights of all women of color, including immigrant women.

Pelosi Wants Fight on Abortion, Family Planning Funding in the House

By David Dayen

House Democrats have been extremely focused over the past couple weeks on the spate of Republican bills and provisions aimed at women’s health and reproductive choice. In particular, there are three bills that would massively roll back a woman’s right to choose or even to access birth control. One, HR3, would basically move the Hyde amendment into statutory law and also include even secondary spending from the federal government, meaning that any company who receives tax subsidies for health insurance, or women who use pre-tax dollars in flexible spending accounts, would have to drop abortion services coverage.

This would almost certainly lead insurance companies to withdraw all plans that cover abortion services. The bill also sought to redefine rape, one of the exemptions to the law, as “forcible rape.” After an outcry, Republicans said they would remove the offending language, but to this point, they haven’t.