Brinton, Shane

Shane Brinton is a member of the Arcata City Council and a California Democratic Party Delegate representing the 1st Assembly District. At 24, he is one of the youngest elected officials in the state. He can be reached at

Local Government's Role in Community Development Should be Respected, Not Eviscerated

By Shane Brinton
Arcata City Councilmember

In these tough economic times, nothing is more important than continued public investment to stimulate growth, create jobs, and provide greater stability for communities. In California, we are lucky to have redevelopment agencies to help us meet this need at the local level. These unique agencies provide municipalities with the necessary funding structure to invest local property tax revenues directly in their communities.

Governor Jerry Brown’s proposal to eliminate redevelopment agencies has shocked local government officials and left a lot of us wondering how serious he is about his campaign pledge to “get California working again.” Across the state, local plans for affordable housing projects, cleanup of blighted areas, infrastructure improvements, and business development efforts now hang in the balance.