Matson, Megan

Megan Matson is a grassroots political consultant and founder/director of the non-profit Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust ( After working to support Marin Clean Energy with grassroots advocacy and outreach support through its successful launch as California's first CCA (Community Choice Aggregation) in May of last year, Megan most recently worked with CREDO/Working Assets on the Stop Texas Oil's Prop 23 campaign.

Nancy McF-F-F-Fadden?! Why Jerry Why?

By Megan Matson
Mainstreet Moms Organize or Bust

The disappointing news that our new governor just appointed PG&E’s Senior VP Nancy McFadden as his, essentially, co-Chief of Staff, is one of those heart wrenching moments for those of us who fought the $50M “worst ballot initiative ever” that McFadden helped create, Prop 16.

Whatever she is in other circles, PG&E’s Nancy McFadden is considered by many to be the mother of Prop 16. She is more responsible than anyone apart from Darbee for this measure, according to his own statements to investment analysts last year. And after the bad banner year PG&E had with McFadden in a senior exec position (San Bruno, smart meters, Prop 16, CPUC rebukes, cybersnooping the grassroots, more), this makes you wonder if Jerry was so busy campaigning he forgot to read the news.