Capell, Beth

Beth Capell provides policy analysis, legislative advocacy, and other strategic input to Health Access and to other consumer, labor and public interest organizations on health care issues.

Backhanded Case For Reform

By Beth Capell

 Today several Democratic Senators said that the AHIP report released on the eve of the critical vote in Senate Finance makes the case for health insurance reform, pointing to the need for the public option and for the insurance market reforms.

We agree—and point to p. 13 of the study by PriceWaterhouseCoopers paid for by AHIP. It shows that the almost all of the alleged increase in premiums would result from the health insurance reforms. Why? Two reasons: first, because insurers would be required to sell insurance to everyone, including people who actually need health care, and second, because insurers would be required to cover most of the cost of care (AHIP uses an average or “actuarial value” of 65%).