Gjertson, Katie

Katie Gjertson is the AFL-CIO Western Region field representative and Jodi Reid is the Executive Director of the California Alliance for Retired Americans.

Senator Feinstein – Protect Social Security!

By Katie Gjertson

Three days following the 76th birthday of the creation of Social Security, 1,000 seniors, students, and community members rallied in front of Senator Feinstein’s San Francisco and LA offices Thursday, urging the Senator to be a champion on protecting Social Security. Check out photos and video from the events here.

Members of the California Alliance of Retired Americans (CARA) have been meeting with Senator Feinstein’s staff to stress the importance of  protecting Social Security. To put a human face on the importance of Social Security, CARA asked its members to submit stories to share with the Senator and her staff.

The response was overwhelming.

Constituents to Rep. Lungren: "Why Are You Voting to Repeal Our Health Care?"

By Katie Gjertson

Rather than addressing our stagnant economy or drafting legislation that would put people back to work, Republicans made their first move this week in the 112th Congress by voting to repeal health care reform. The Republicans’ (and a few Democrats’) position is clear: they support denying coverage to children born sick, they support insurance company practices that drop people when they get ill and deny coverage because of deadly pre-existing conditions (like acne), and they definitely support higher drug costs for seniors.

On the day of the vote in the House of Representatives, constituents of the third Congressional District (Dan Lungren – R), the Sacramento Central Labor Council and HCAN coalition partners held a press conference in front of Rep. Lungren’s Elk Grove district office to challenge the congressman’s position of siding with the insurance companies over the people in his district.

On Human Rights Day, Workers Ask, "What's Gone Wrong At Chase?"

By Katie Gjertson

In Solidarity with International Human Rights Day (Dec 10), AFL-CIO Central Labor Councils, the UAW, and FLOC (Farm Labor Organizing Committee) organized more than 100 events at Chase bank branches across the country. In California, the Alameda Labor Council, Contra Costa Labor Council, LA County Federation of Labor, Sacramento Central Labor Council, and San Mateo Central Labor Council organized handbill actions highlighting Chase bank’s bad practices and banking relationship with Reynolds Tobacco.

Union members and community partners educated Chase bank patrons and passersby with a flyer that said “Chase Bank: What’s Gone Wrong?”. Chase wants to be seen as a socially responsible corporation stating that its business practices are guided by the UN Declaration of Human Rights. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, Chase is Number 1 in foreclosures, many processed improperly, causing great harm to American homeowners. Chase is also a lead banker for Reynolds Tobacco.

California Alliance for Retired Americans Fights to Protect Social Security

By Katie Gjertson, AFL-CIO and Jody Reid, CARA

Leading up the recent failed vote on the Deficit Commission report, the California Alliance for Retired Americans (CARA) held successful demonstrations in front of Speaker Pelosi’s San Francisco office and Xavier Becerra’s Los Angeles Office.

The Deficit Commission (The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform) was created by an Executive Order signed by President Obama in February. The Executive Order directs the commission to recommend how to reduce the annual deficits to 3% of the national economy by 2015. The Commission has been meeting for eight months of negotiations among the eighteen commissioners - all of whom are Washington insiders who reflect little sense of the everyday realities for the working families who are looking for leadership and job creation from their national leaders.