Kinney, Jason

Jason Kinney, a veteran political/communications strategist and co-Publisher of the California Majority Report, is a Principal in California Strategies LLC, one of the state's premier public affairs consulting firms.

Flash Report Gets It Wrong (I Know - We're Shocked Too) On Redistricting Report

By Jason Kinney

I consider Jon Fleischman a friend and his Flash Report blog an important reminder to California's resident ivory-tower intelligentsia that right-wingers can read and write, too - sometimes quite thoughtfully.

But his piece Friday on the ill-advised attempt by Republican politicians to overturn by referendum the will of California's voters and the hard work of the bipartisan, Citizens Redistricting Commission was unique in its brazen disregard of, you know, obvious, widely-accepted facts.

The Republican Anti-SF Strategy that Wasn't

By Jason Kinney

There are a lot of takeaways from last week's surprising but gracious concession by Los Angeles DA Steve Cooley in one of the closest statewide races in California history, giving Democrats a historic clean sweep on Golden State offices in an otherwise GOP-dominant election year.

Here’s one: Kamala Harris should send a thank-you wreath to the Meg Whitman campaign, which will clearly go down in the annals of California history as an 800-pound, $170-million electoral albatross.