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Legislature Will Authorize Council, Try To Bypass Public Input For Canal Construction

Barbara-Parrilla.jpg By Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla
Campaign Director
Restore the Delta

Restore the Delta has heard that language for water bill legislation will finally at some point. We also understand that rather than authorizing a peripheral canal directly, the proposed legislation will call for the creation of a water council, which will have the authority to implement the Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which in turn is calling for the construction of the peripheral canal (also known in politically correct terms as new conveyance).

Assemblymember Huffman: Legislation Does Not Support Peripheral Canal

Jared-Huffman.jpg By Jared Huffman
California State Assemblymember

In response to the California Progress Report’s article from Tuesday July 28, 2009, Assemblymember Jared Huffman has issued the following statement in which he responds to claims that his legislation supports the creation of a peripheral canal.

In all the debate about the Delta, I want to make one fact clear at the outset: My Assembly Bill 39 – in either its current form or the soon-to-be-released full form – does NOT authorize, "argue for" or "call for" construction of the Peripheral Canal.

Peripheral Canal Issue Emerges As Crucial in Post-Budget California

peripheral canal.jpg

by David M. Greenwald
California Progress Report

With the passage of the budget last week, the issue of the peripheral canal figures to become one of the hottest issues in California. In it is the nexus of the perennial water battles along with environmental protection.

As Steve Evans, Conservation Director of Friends of the River, a statewide river conservation organization recently wrote on the California Progress Report:

Delta Groups Rally Against The Panama Canal North

Dan-Bacher.jpgBy Dan Bacher

Legislators and hundreds of Delta advocates held a rally at the State Capitol in Sacramento on last week to oppose the peripheral canal, a budget-busting and environmentally destructive project that would approximate the Panama Canal in width and length.

"I'm not going to vote for a plan that builds a Panama Canal down the middle of the 15th Assembly District,” exclaimed Assemblymember Joan Buchanan to loud applause from a crowd of recreational anglers, commercial fishermen, Delta farmers, farmworkers, Indian Tribal members, environmentalists and community activists. “I will do all I can to make that the Delta is protected.”

Peripheral Canal: Panama Canal North?

Dan-Bacher.jpgBy Dan Bacher

Proposed government boondoggle would be 500 to 700 feet wide, with 1,300 foot right-of-way

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Dianne Feinstein, corporate agribusiness and other supporters of the peripheral canal around the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta have carefully avoided discussing what an actual canal would look like, as well as its enormous environmental impacts and budget-busting cost to the taxpayers.

However, in the size and scope of the project, it would be very similar to the Panama Canal, according to recent comments by Assemblywoman Joan Buchanan on the floor on the floor when she and other legislators were asked to vote on a bill to fund a committee to develop a plan to implement the Delta Vision recommendations.