Lyou, Joseph

Dr. Joseph K. Lyou is President & CEO of the Coalition for Clean Air.

Prop 26: Extreme, Flawed, Costly and Bad for California

By Dr. Joseph K. Lyou
Coalition for Clean Air

The oil, tobacco and liquor industries put Proposition 26 on the ballot to avoid paying for the environmental and public health damage they cause and to push those costs onto taxpayers. Unfortunately, that’s just the beginning of the extreme and disastrous effects this ballot measure would have for all Californians.

First, Prop 26 would immediately increase the state deficit by $1 billion, and it would cost “billions in revenue annually,” says the impartial Legislative Analyst. The initiative was so poorly written that it would overturn a provision in the budget that saves California $1 billion annually for 10 years without increasing anyone’s taxes. This would be detrimental for students, teachers and our police forces, not to mention for our budget deficit. Let’s not write such mistakes into our constitution.