Jaffee, Valerie

Valerie Jaffee is a spokesperson for La Onda Verde, the Latino arm of the Natural Resources Defense Council. She conducts outreach to the Hispanic community on range of issues, including climate change, clean energy and protecting public health.

National Latino Organizations and Leaders Stand Against Props 23 and 26

By Valerie Jaffee (see Spanish version below)
The fight for strong clean air standards and a clean energy economy is coming to a head in California. With only a few days left before voters head to the polls, big corporate polluters are trying every trick in the book to dismantle the clean air and energy laws in our state.
But thousands across the state are speaking up to protect California from a dirty energy takeover by opposing Propositions 23 and 26.Just yesterday, dozens of national and state Latino organizations, leaders and celebrities joined together in a statewide effort to stop big oil interests from turning California into their dumping ground.