Sisk-Franco, Caleen

Caleen Sisk-Franco is the chief and spiritual leader of the Winnemem Wintu. The Winnemem are a small tribe that lives outside Redding and is currently engaged in a salmon restoration project of the McCloud River.

To Restore Salmon, Follow the Creator’s Plan, Not Frankenfish

By Caleen Sisk-Franco

One day coyote noticed fox was smoothing sticks and fashioning them into children who would help him find food. Coyote was filled with envy and soon started to build his own family.  

Impatient and greedy, coyote made his children with rugged, knobby sticks and built them much larger than him, thinking they would hunt more food this way.  

When he finished, however, his roughly-hewn children disobeyed his orders, turned against him and beat him up.  

My tribe, the Winnemem Wintu, is a traditional salmon people that come from Mount Shasta in California, and we learned long ago from coyote it’s dangerous to mimic the Creator. It’s a lesson yet to be learned by AquaBounty, the Massachusetts company behind the genetically engineered salmon likely to be approved by the FDA this month.