Feng, Kathay

Kathay Feng is Executive Director of California Common Cause, a non-profit, non-partisan citizens' lobby organization.

Out-of-State Special Interests Use Last-Minute Spending to Protect Broken Status Quo

By Kathay Feng

Are you going to let out-of-state special interests hijack our election?

It's happening right now. The No on Prop 28 campaign is being funded by shadowy out-of-state special interests that want to protect a broken status quo and stop Californians from fixing our term limits law.

Maplight.org reported Thursday that 98% of the No on Prop 28 donations come from outside California. Now these out-of-state special interests are using a flood of last minute spending to hijack our election, trying to rob us of the chance to fix our broken status quo.

CA Rep. Susan Davis Votes to Reduce Special Interest Campaign Cash

By Kathay Feng
Common Cause

Representative Susan Davis did California proud yesterday in joining Rep. Zoe Lofgren and other members of the Committee on House Administration to vote yes on the Fair Elections Now Act.  This move could send the bill to the full House as soon as next week, which would be a great way for our entire congressional delegation to demonstrate that they are hearing the public anger over the role of special interest money in politics.

On both the left and the right, California’s are dismayed at the role of big money in our elections.  Here’s what Apple Valley tea party activist John McGraw has to say: