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Epic 500 Year Drought Exacerbated and Exaggerated by Water Officials

By Patrick Porgans

Water officials’ and scientists’ claims that the Golden State is in the grips of an epic 500 year drought is not supported by the facts. Government documents show back in January that this year’s drought was not the worst in 500 years.

“We are on track for having the worst drought in 500 years,” said B. Lynn Ingram, Paleoclimatologist, professor of earth and planetary sciences at the University of California, Berkeley. That story was released on January 30. Although an effort was made to reach Ingram to ascertain the scientific data to support her contention, she has yet to respond.

Signing of Homeowners Bill of Rights Three Years Late And a $1 Trillion Short

By Patrick Porgans
Planetary Solutionaries

On Wednesday, California Gov, Jerry Brown, signed the “Homeowner Bill of Rights” into law (SB 900 and AB 278. This bill purportedly will curtail banks from fraudulent foreclosures.  

Reportedly, Brown tweeted that “this law will stop banks from foreclosing on Californians who are trying in good faith to renegotiate their mortgages.”

State Attorney General Kamala Harris campaigned for the legislation, and added a presentation on her website on how it will benefit California families.

Toxic-time-bomb spawned two-headed Brown trout in Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem

By Patrick Porgans
Planetary Solutions

Selenium laden toxic-time bomb triggered by 50-years of Phosphate mining in Northwest U.S. Experts claim two-headed trout and dead livestock portend hundreds of years of surface and groundwater contamination.

The toxic mines are within the 350,000 square kilometers of the Western Phosphate Field; located in five-northern tier states, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. The epicenter of the time-bomb is in the Caribou-Targhee National Forest in Southeastern Idaho and bordering western Wyoming.

It’s official! This is not a fish story. The two-headed wild Brown trout depicted in the photographs, spawned in the Salt River sub-unit of the upper Snake River drainage watershed, which is within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Occupy Wall Street “99ers”Petition CA Governor to Declare a “Financial State of Emergency”

By Patrick Porgans and Seth Sandronsky

In California, foreclosures continue to batter homeowners, averaging out at 1,866 a day, 77 an hour each day the past 10 months, or 1.3 foreclosures per-minute. That’s surely on the minds of many Occupy Wall Street “99ers.”

According to Shum Preston, spokesman for the California attorney general’s office, there was a recent “surge in foreclosures” between July and August bringing an additional 560,000 homes into the foreclosure process.

Reportedly, “settlement negotiations” between the 50 state attorneys general and the nation’s five largest banks – Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Co., Wells Fargo, Citigroup and Ally Financial Inc., commenced in the fall of 2010, around abuses related to mortgage  servicing and foreclosure  practices

Three-Day Weekend Provides Huge Captive Bay Area Audience for Occupy Wall Street Movement

By Patrick Porgans and Seth Sandronsky

Weather wise, the recent three-day weekend in the City by the San Francisco Bay was perfect. The sky was clear, the bay relatively still, mirroring the silhouettes of the once “endangered” Brown pelican flying, in a small flock, beneath the thunderous jet-wings of the “Blue Angels”. The angels were engaged in their annual dare-devil flight exhibition, as the City celebrated Fleet-Week’s 100-years of Naval Aviation. The roaring-supersonic sound and energy vibrations from the angels overhead could actually be felt on the ground.

Football fans were on hand to lend visual, body, and moral support to the San Francisco 49ers, during their home-town game. The game was seemingly plastered on any device that was capable of streaming-in the signal.

The Browns and 50-Years of GO Bond Debts

By Patrick Porgans and Lloyd G. Carter

Editor’s Note: In Part One of this two-part series, Porgans and Carter showed how land-rich but water-short Southern California billionaires are pushing an $11 billion bond measure on the 2012 ballot to enhance their holdings. Part Two examines the legacy of Gov. Edmund G. “Pat” Brown and his two children, current Gov. Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown and Kathleen Brown, and their connection to public bonds, budget deficits, the Bay-Delta Estuary conflict, and the November 2012 water bond measure.

You can count on Team Billionaire, which includes the actual billionaires, chambers of commerce, local water districts, banks, and all manner of Southern California real estate and development interests, to spend huge amounts of campaign contribution money to convince voters to approve an $11 billion water-related General Obligation (GO) bond measure on next year’s statewide ballot.

Budget Deficits, Bond Debt, Billionaires, The Brown Family and Big Profits

By Patrick Porgans and Lloyd G. Carter

California’s 90 billionaires (according to Forbes Magazine) and 662,735 millionaires got rich in a lot of different ways. But, there are those billionaires that thirst for more, apparently, the Golden State’s record-breaking $2 trillion in gross annual production (GDP), in 2010, which makes the state the Eighth most productive economy in the world wasn’t quite enough. But let’s not forget California’s GDP is said to represent 13 percent of the USA’s GDP.

California’s “Dust Bowl Drought” That Really Never Happened - Is Officially Over!

By Patrick Porgans
Planetary Solutionaries

No; it wasn’t an April Fool’s Joke.

Governor Jerry Brown’s recent announcement that California’s “drought” is officially over, which critics claimed was grossly exaggerated; government records indicate it may not have happened. Gov. Brown’s Proclamation officially rescinds former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Executive Order S-06-08, issued on June 4, 2008 and ends the States of Emergency called on June 12, 2008, and on February 27, 2009.

It took as much as 50 feet of snowpack, which blanketed the roughed Sierra Nevada Mountains, all of the state’s major reservoirs full or overflowing, many of which are making floodwater releases to provide room for spring runoff, and the Golden State at “ground saturation, before the Governor’s water advisors to confirm the “drought emergency” was over.

California is Weathering the Storm

By Patrick Porgans
Planetary Solutionaries

 Although, California and the Pacific Northwest have been battered by a series of winter storm systems, the Golden State’s major flood control systems are holding steady. No need for Noah to get the Ark out yet.

According to the National Weather Service, more storms are on the way.  The good news is that they are colder storms, meaning lower snow levels in the Sierra and a reduction of sudden runoff from warmer storms which can cause severe flooding.

Many mainstream news media outlets, print and electronic, have been painting current weather conditions as much more serious that they are, either to hype ratings or subscriptions or because the modern 24-hour news cycle demands that virtually all “news” be blown out of proportion to hold public attention.

Delta Agreement to “Protect Listed Species” or Another Ploy to Export More Water

By Patrick Porgans
Planetary Solutionaries

Last Thursday a federal judge approved a settlement agreement to protect the tiny Delta smelt, one of a number of species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) that dwell in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  The smelt may be on the verge of extinction. Its 15-minute claim to fame was immortalized during a 60 Minute segment that mistakenly credited it for the demise of California’s agricultural industry. Incidentally, last year, when CBS aired the program, California’s agricultural industry posted record-breaking profits, as it did during the entire four-year of California’s so-called “drought”.