Karim, Reef

Dr. Karim Reef is an Addiction Medicine Physician, Psychiatrist, Member of the California Society of Addiction Medicine, an Assistant Clinical Professor at Semel Institute for Neuroscience and the Founder and Director of the Control Center for Addictions.

Governor Must Sign Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Parity Legislation

By Dr. Reef Karim

Many Californians with mental health and addiction concerns are unable to afford the treatment they need because mental health and substance use disorder treatment is not covered by insurance like other physical disorders.

As such, countless individuals report not initiating treatment or dropping out of treatment and are left struggling with their life threatening condition without medical support.

The insurance industry consistently argues California simply can’t provide humane treatment to the mentally ill and people with substance use disorders. It’s too expensive, they say.

Research, however, consistently shows otherwise: Creating parity – providing coverage for mental health and substance use disorder treatment equivalent to physical health care – will save money for consumers and taxpayers.