Hoyos, Lisa

Lisa Hoyos is the California Coordinator for the Apollo Alliance.

The California Apollo Program: Creating and Keeping Clean Energy Jobs in California

By Lisa Hoyos
The Apollo Project

Today, as we witness the continued assault on California’s landmark climate law (AB 32) by out-of-state oil companies, a powerful alliance of California business, labor, environmental, and community leaders announced they have joined together to put forth The California Apollo Program—a comprehensive strategy that details how to continue creating clean energy jobs in California—and how to keep them here.   

The California Apollo Program highlights the fact that California has a large and productive economy—the eighth largest in the world—driven by its skilled workforce, successful businesses and history of ingenuity and innovation.  However, the ongoing economic recession has dragged down even the strongest economies, and while at the outset of the recession the overall employment in California dropped for the first time in five years, jobs in California’s clean energy economy actually grew—by five percent.