Chan, Wilma

Wilma Chan, former California State Assemblywoman. The U.S. Senate is poised to act on one of the most significant public health threats in our everyday lives – urge them to pass Congresswoman Eshoo’s H.R. 5289 to ban lead in our faucets.

Budget Countdown: Three, Two, One, Impact (On California's Most Vulnerable)

By Wilma Chan
Alameda County Supervisor, Third District

Imagine that you are a single mother with two children and the Governor has issued you a budget challenge: live off of $392 each month. Imagine paying for food, housing, and daily living expenses. Imagine paying for child care. Imagine paying for transportation to attend mandatory job training. Imagine balancing all these responsibilities while trying to get back to work in a tough economy. Could you do it?

Elimination of Adult Day Health Care Puts Seniors’ Lives at Risk

By Wilma Chan
Alameda County Supervisor

At Hong Fook Adult Day Health Center in Oakland, seniors and disabled adults gather during the week for services that range from nursing care to speech therapy and recreational activities. Thanks to the services offered at the Center, many of our area’s seniors and disabled adults live independently in the community.   

Seniors and disabled adults receive these valuable services at Hong Fook Adult Day Health Center as well as at 6 other locations in Alameda County because of a state-wide program called Adult Day Health Care (ADHC). ADHC provides elderly and disabled Californians with the medical and therapeutic services they need to continue living in the community.     

Forget the Lemon – I Want Some Lead in My Water

By Wilma Chan

One of the most critical functions of government is to protect our health from hidden dangers in our homes, schools, and workplaces.  In particular, we rely upon our government to protect us from dangers that we, as individuals, are powerless to address.  Major milestones in the field of public health improvements in the last century include vanquishing threats like botulism, smallpox, and polio, as well as protecting people and the environment by tackling chemical contamination left over from decades of unregulated dumping of hazardous wastes.  Today, we face another urgent call for our government to step in and protect future generations from a serious health threat that lurks in schools and homes.