Crosson, Liz

Liz Crossen is the Executive Director of Baykeeper.

Federal Court Finds Malibu Violated Clean Water Act By Discharging to Marine Preserve

Liz Crosson

The City of Malibu violated the federal Clean Water Act when it discharged polluted water into Santa Monica Bay beaches in a coastal preserve, according to a decision issued by a Federal District Court.  

The court found Malibu liable for illegally discharging polluted water into a marine coastal preserve located in northern Los Angeles County, one of three dozen designated Areas of Special Biological Significance along the California coast.  The preserve stretches from Latigo Point in Malibu to Mugu Lagoon in Ventura County. The decision is the result of a lawsuit brought by Santa Monica Baykeeper (Baykeeper) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). This decision should be celebrated by all who value coastal resources like recreation, natural habitats, and scenic beauty. The decision is a critical step towards addressing water pollution at some of the region’s most popular and valued beaches.