Bera, Ami

Dr. Ami Bera is the democratic candidate running for Congress in California's 3rd district, and formerly a Dean of Admissions at U.C. Davis Medical School. A lifelong Californian, Dr. Bera and his wife, Janine, have lived in Elk Grove for the past 15 years and have a 12 year old daughter, Sydra.

Can We Get the Government Out of Our Exam Room?

By Ami Bera, MD

Last week, Congressman Darrell Issa of California chose to review whether it was appropriate for President Barack Obama's administration to mandate that insurance companies cover oral contraception. This week, Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri introduced legislation that allows any insurance company or any employer to decide what it wants to offer in terms of health insurance coverage. And Rep. Dan Lungren argued that companies had the first amendment right to deny their employees access to these medical services.

My frustration is that none of the above-mentioned individuals has ever gone to medical school. They have never sat with a patient and her family and helped navigate healthcare decisions that may have life and death implications. In short, why are individuals with no healthcare expertise about to decide how a doctor takes care of their patients?

The Numbers Tell The Story

By Dr. Ami Bera
Candidate for Congress, District 3

182,000,000 gallons. That’s how much oil scientists estimate spewed into the Gulf during the BP catastrophe. It’s enough oil to cover San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley.

The oil is visible from space. It covers 400 miles of coastline across two states. It’s permeated fragile marsh ecosystems. The initial explosion killed 11 workers.

$82,000. That’s the amount of money my opponent, Congressman Lungren, has taken in campaign contributions from oil companies. Money from Chevron, from Exxon, and yes, even from BP.

$2.6 billion. That’s the amount of money Lungren voted to give Big Oil in tax breaks.