Birkelund, James

James Birkelund is an attorney at Cleantech Law Partners specializing in climate change, clean energy, and natural resource matters. He counsels nonprofit, government, and private entities on a broad range of litigation, administrative, and transactional issues.

Proposition 23 Puts California’s Recovery At Risk

By James Birkelund

With so many sectors of the economy faltering, Californians have reason to celebrate the leadership our state is showing in promoting clean energy and the dramatic potential for job growth it presents. Since 2005, employment in the clean energy sector has grown ten times faster than the statewide average. And it is precisely these jobs at stake as out-of-state oil industry giants pour money into a self-serving, short-sighted campaign to protect their own economic interests.

The oil company-sponsored measure, Proposition 23, would in fact take a wrecking ball to one of the most promising segments of the state's economy and with it the hundreds of thousands of jobs it stands to generate.