Gavin Newsom

For Marriage Equality, It Took a Movement

Randy ShawBy Randy Shaw

The Supreme Court's striking down DOMA and Prop 8 sent a powerful message about the ongoing power of grassroots movements to bring about social change. These rulings could not have come a decade ago. Then, even campaigns for domestic partnerships and civil unions were politically controversial. But the broader activist struggle for marriage equality brought the courts along, just as the African-American civil rights movement of the 1950's and 1960's brought legal rulings to support that struggle.

These Days, Everything Is A Jobs Bill

By Peter Schrag

It’ll probably take days, even months, before we’ll find all the dead rats and other vermin buried in the legislature’s 11th hour rush and confusion last week. It’s been so in years past, and probably always will be, despite the procedural fixes that have been proposed to prevent it.

So maybe the best news to come out of this session is what didn’t happen: The complicated tax deal that Gov. Jerry Brown negotiated last week and that was hurriedly passed in the Assembly failed in the Senate.

Like almost everything else these days, both in Washington and in Sacramento, Brown called it a jobs bill.

Maldonado is Poster Child for Why We Need Prop 25

By Paul Hogarth

As Gavin Newsom runs for Lieutenant Governor, he would be wise to make the passage of Proposition 25 a central part of his campaign – which ends the “two-thirds rule” for passing a budget. Because there is no better poster child for how Sacramento’s dysfunction has thrown the state off a cliff than Abel Maldonado – Newsom’s Republican opponent. In the last two statewide elections, Californians have had to vote on two propositions that had nothing to do with the budget – but were put on the ballot just to get Maldonado’s vote.