Clark, Sally

Sally is a 41 year old native Californian married to a State Worker. She works for a large financial institution, and is a graduate of California State University Sacramento.

A Spouses View on Furloughs and Minimum Wage

By Sally Clark

Governor Schwarzenegger:

I am writing as just one face of the State of California married to a State worker.  I would like to share my story with you. I follow the budgets talks and negotiations through the Sacramento Bee’s coverage and analysis; I am saddened your employees, your most competitive asset, are so de-valued and I’m frustrated by the inertia and politicking that has become synonymous with California.

The cumulative eighteen months has been very difficult for us. We cut back where we could, planted front and back yard summer and winter vegetable gardens in order to save money at the grocery store. I have been able to get us by on my salary because I work for a great company allowing me to telecommute to save money on gas and allowing me overtime. I have been the primary earner for the past 18 months, the sole person paying the mortgage, property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, and veterinary bills.