Jenkins, Geri

Geri Jenkins is a UC San Diego RN and a co-president of the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United.

California Health Department Failing to Address Unsafe Care Problems Raised by Nurses

By Geri Jenkins, RN

It’s been six months after Registered Nurses and the California Nurses Association/National Nurses United filed a complaint with the California Department of Public Health regarding sweeping and pervasive patient care problems at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento.

Yet state officials have yet to act. On Monday, a CDPH told one of our representatives, after our latest call to see what they are doing about this urgent problem: “No one has been assigned.”

Perhaps we should not be surprised. Another California agency that is dominated by appointees of the Schwarzenegger administration, the Public Employee Relations Board, is the agency that, on behalf of the University of California hospital administration, went to state court seeking to block the democratic right of UC nurses to strike, as a last resort, to demand the UC correct the patient care problems in their system.