Osmer, Chloe

Chloe Osmer is the Strategic Coordinator for the CLEAN Carwash Campaign.

Victory For Carwash Workers

By Chloe Osmer
CLEAN Car Wash Campaign

Tuesday was a historic moment for carwash workers in Los Angeles – after years of fighting the deplorable workplace conditions, workers have finally secured their first union contract. The agreement, with Bonus Car Wash in Santa Monica, marks the first contract won by the CLEAN (Community Labor Environmental Action Network) Campaign and makes Los Angeles home to the only unionized carwash in the country.

It’s a tide-change for the carwash industry, which has allowed its workers to suffer in the shadows for decades. It’s also a remarkable testament to the powerful pro-labor community in Los Angeles, and to the incredible courage of the carwasheros themselves, who fought day in and day out for the reforms we announced yesterday.