Greenberg, Sherry

Sherry Greenberg is a long-time Capitol Hill insider and attorney. She is the former Executive Director of the California Democratic Congressional Delegation and continues to work on behalf of California in Washington, DC.

What If Colorado Had Adopted Prop 14?

By Sherry Greenberg

Tuesday was another election night and, as usual, I followed the returns.  Among the states conducting primaries was Colorado.  The Senate and Gubernatorial primaries were hotly contested.  Both parties had wild Senate primaries and the Republican gubernatorial contest was equally, if not more, intense.  Turnout was at a three decade high, with more than 40 percent of registered Democrats and Republicans casting ballots. Voters in Colorado must declare a party, prior to voting in a primary election, but can make such a declaration at the polls.   

Colorado now has Senate nominees -- Democratic incumbent Michael Bennet and Republican Ken Buck.  The gubernatorial race is a bit more complicated, with the Democratic candidate running unopposed in the primary, a nailbiter on the GOP side, a threatened thrid-party candidacy and demands for the ultimate GOP nominee to withdraw. What would have happened if Colorado had adopted Prop 14-like primary rules?  The results would have been a lot different.

What if Kentucky Had Adopted Prop 14

By Sherry Greenberg

I'm one of those freaks who enjoys watching election returns. Tuesday was a fun day for me as I got to watch results from the four states that held primaries. While watching the returns from Kentucky, I noticed something most interesting. In that quite red state, the top two vote-getters in the open US Senate race were . . . Democrats.  And, that was not because the Republican race was uncontested.  Quite the contrary, the Republican Senate primary was a scorcher between a tea bag darling and the establishment-backed Secretary of State.