Buffa, Andrea

Andrea Buffa is a policy associate with the Apollo Alliance, a coalition of labor, business, environmental, and community leaders working to catalyze a clean energy revolution that will put millions of Americans to work in a new generation of high-quality, green-collar jobs.

The Oil Companies Dirty Energy Proposition is a Job Killer

By Andrea Buffa

As the fight over California’s landmark global warming bill, AB 32, heats up in advance of an expected ballot measure to delay AB 32’s implementation, a troubling number of news stories and opinion pieces are misrepresenting some of the research that has been done on the economic impacts of AB 32.

An opinion piece by James Kellogg in this week's Capitol Weekly was no exception. Although the op-ed was more carefully worded than some other pieces by groups like the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and AB 32 Implementation Group, it still misrepresents the findings of a study on AB 32 of which I was a co-author when I worked at UC Berkeley.

Why Over 400 Distinguished CAProfessors Want Schwarzenegger’s Veto of UC Labor Studies Reversed

Andrea-Buffa.gifBy Andrea Buffa
UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

With the economy in crisis, unemployment and foreclosure rates rising, and most people worried about their future, what is the only University of California program that Governor Schwarzenegger vetoed this year? The Miguel Contreras Labor Program, which conducts research and education on such issues as how to create and improve jobs, how to reform the health care system, and how critical issues like immigration and the green economy impact California workers.

On Wednesday, more than 400 California professors protested the veto, sending the governor a letter that questions both his motive and timing: “As you well know, working families are struggling and the workplace is being transformed by dramatic, sometimes worrisome trends from offshoring to technological change. The work of the Contreras Program is thus more needed than ever,” the letter reads.

California Labor Unions Support Global Warming Solutions: Green Jobs Seen as Future

Andrea-Buffa.gifBy Andrea Buffa
UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

As California moves toward a decision on how it will implement AB 32, the state’s landmark “Global Warming Solutions Act,” there is increasing interest in the legislation on the part of labor unions, who want to make sure that the AB 32 implementation plan not only benefits the environment but also benefits California’s economy and workers.

California Paid Sick Days Bill Moves Forward as Studies Evaluate the Bill’s Impact

Andrea-Buffa.gifBy Andrea Buffa
UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education

On Wednesday the Senate Labor Committee approved AB 2716, the Healthy Families, Healthy Workplaces Act, which would allow all California workers to earn paid sick days that can be used to care for themselves, a sick family member, or to recover from domestic violence or sexual assault. The legislation, introduced by Assemblywoman Fiona Ma in February, passed the Assembly at the end of May.

Several studies analyzing the impact of AB 2716 have been released in recent months, including one published yesterday by the National Federation of Independent Businesses. The studies come to contradictory conclusions, so it’s worth analyzing them in depth to understand their value to policymakers who are trying to estimate the impact of AB 2716 on California businesses, workers and public health.